Business Procedures

We can assist you with all of your general Business Consulting needs  including staffing, production optimization, telemarketing, Customer  Relationship Management, Direct Response, Disaster Planning, unexpected growth,  or downsizing.   What ever your need, we can probably help you through  it – or recommend the right people to you.


Increased Shareholder Value
Lower Cost of Ownership
Greater Employee Satisfaction


Following are some of our capabilities in the area of Business Consulting.

Increase Customer Retention

With many years of direct marketing experience, our consultants can provide your company with effective methods to retain your customers.

Disaster Planning

Are you ready?  Every business needs a disaster plan to ensure the business is able to function in the event of an emergency.  Terrorism is not the only threat to your business – fire, theft, weather, power interruption, sickness, and death are all very real situations that can affect your business at any time.  We can work with your business to establish a customized recovery plan.


Many business face staffing issues.   We can assist in outplacement services, as well as employment searches.   We can review your current processes and provide you with staffing level  recommendations.  How a staffing issue is dealt with can affect morale for the entire company.