Hosting & Co-Location

From simple website hosting to complete Data Center Co-location, we have the products & services for any size business.

Website Hosting

We provide website hosting for many small to medium size business.  These sites range from small information sites to full ecommerce platforms.

Cloud Computing & Hosting

These days, everyone uses the phrase ‘The Cloud’, don’t they?   What does it really mean?  To us, the ‘Cloud’ means ‘to provide IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service)’.   Infrastructure components are the servers, routers, and switches that allow you to access the information you need.

Do you need ‘The Cloud’?

The better question is – “Are you an I.T. business or are you in some other line of business?” – meaning, why are you spending so much of your valuable time dealing with routers and servers, etc. when you could be focusing on your REAL business?   We are very successful in assisting companies eliminate the headaches of computing and freeing them to focus on what actually makes them money.

What about the cost?

In most situations, the cost of computing actually decreases for the company.   When you take in to account the costs associated with equipment acquisition, cost of staff time, cost of software licensing, power costs, backups, power supply issues, etc – we have yet to find a situation that we can’t show a savings.


Following are some of our capabilities in the area of Hosting and Co-location.

Windows Server

Our agreements with various datacenters and providers allow us to customize a solution that fits your needs and your budget.   Even if you have just one Windows server, we can tailor a solution that provides greater uptime at a lower cost.

Linux / Unix

If you need Linux or Unix hosting, our partners can provide this also – at a lower cost to you.

AS400 / iSeries

If you have an IBM AS400 / iSeries, you are well aware of how stable and solid this product is.   You also know the cost of this stability.   Why not move to a hosted solution which significantly reduces the cost?   The average cost of a fully managed iSeries is usually less than the usual lease payment you would be making?   Think about that – you get the system AND a staff of engineers that ensure it is running optimally and being backed up, while your data remains secure.