We can assist you with all of your Telecom needs  including auditing, overcharge recovery, Federal Excise tax recovery, wireless and wireline management, carrier selection, and RFP generation and analysis.  What ever your need, we can probably help you through  it – or recommend the right people to you.

In co-operation with our partners, we are pleased to offer the following:

Carrier Services

We are a telecommunications solutions provider that is focused on the planning, design, implementation, cost control and ongoing support of our clients’ telecommunication environment.

With over a combined thirty five years of industry experience, we are uniquely positioned to provide the “best of breed” solutions to our clients. Our company also provides a level of ongoing support that far exceeds that which they receive from their current providers account teams.

No Charge Consultancy

You have access to our experienced staff who will conduct a comprehensive review of your entire telecommunications infrastructure, offering you multiple solutions to meet your critical communications needs.

 Unbiased Solutions

We represents over thirty telecommunication services carriers. Our intimate knowledge of the inner workings of each provider (including both their strengths and weaknesses), results in a familiarity that means we can accurately articulate the experience you will have with each provider before, during and after the actual contracts are signed. The end result is higher levels of satisfaction with your provider.

Outstanding Pricing

Because of our  knowledge of each carrier’s price points and our access to wholesale pricing, we put our clients in a position to enjoy substantial savings opportunities.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our list of offerings include:

Local Services
Long Distance Voice Services
Data and Internet Services
Wireless Mobility Services
Convergent Technologies
Managed Services